Unravelling the mysteries of the footprints left behind by the attacks.

This wiki is hosted by Team bi0s, the ethical hacking team of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus. It is aimed to give beginners an overview about the different areas of cybersecurity and CTF’s.

Image Forensics

Usage of different Stego tools


Tools used to solve CTF challenges

  • Steghide

  • Stegsolve

  • Steg-crack

  • ZbarImg (Multi Scan)

  • Stegsnow

  • PeePDF

  • PngCheck

  • John The Ripper

  • FcrackZip

  • Audacity

  • PDFCrack

  • Zsteg, Jsteg

Network Forensics

Main tools used to solve network forensics challenges

  • TCPDump

  • TShark

  • Python-Scapy